Black Henbane in Alberta: An Invasive, Noxious Weed on the Prowl

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Unraveling the Threats and Challenges of this Toxic Weed in Alberta’s Green SpacesThe Dark Side of Alberta’s Flora: The Spread of Black HenbaneIn the province of Alberta, Canada, a growing concern has taken root—Black Henbane (Hyoscyamus niger). This invasive and toxic plant, a part of the nightshade family, has been increasingly observed in green spaces across Alberta, particularly in Calgary and Airdrie. With its bell-shaped yellow flowers and distinctive purple veins, Black Henbane in Alberta, native to Eurasia, is drawing attention not for its beauty, but for its potential harm and relentless proliferation. Black Henbane, a noxious weed, has been … Read More

How Dogs Help You Live A Healthier Life

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We are constantly being sold a healthier life; gym membership, supplements, miracle diets. Do this, do that and you’ll look like this and feel like that. At PAWS Dog Daycare, we know firsthand how dogs make life instantly better. Here are some of our favorite dog-owning benefits! ExerciseDogs need exercise to stay calm and happy. If one of your goals is to exercise more, it’s a lot easier to stick with it if you’re exercising your dog while you’re at it! Daily walks or runs, agility training, fetch—commit to daily activity for Rover and find yourself benefiting, too. Exercising daily … Read More

How to Choose a Dog Daycare or Kennel

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So you’ve recognized that your dog(s) would benefit from a daycare and are now ready to find the perfect fit.  Or maybe you’re taking a trip and need to find somewhere to leave little Rex – somewhere that you completely trust so you can have a worry-free time.  But where do you start?  What things should you be looking for? Fear not!  As dog experts ourselves, we’re here to help guide you in making the right daycare or kennel decision.     Dog to Human Ratio There are a lot of dynamics in a group of dogs, so in a kennel … Read More

The Ultimate Guide to Hiring a Dog Walker in Downtown Calgary: Don’t Leave Your Dog’s Care to Chance

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When it comes to hiring a dog walker in downtown Calgary, it’s important to consider the experience and professionalism of the dog walker, safety, socialization and exercise needs, convenience, communication, and cost-effectiveness. By considering these factors, you can ensure that you find a dog walker who will provide your pet with the best possible care, and you can enjoy your time away from home guilt-free. In this article, we’ll dive into each of these factors to help you make an informed decision when hiring a dog walker for your furry companion.

Should You Gift a Pet for the Holidays?

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Holiday season is fast approaching (okay, it’s already here) and it’s time to start thinking about gifts.  And with the adorable faces of a precious puppy or cute kitten, or the pleading eyes of a desperate rescue dog, it can be tempting to gift your family a pet for the holidays.  But is gifting a pet ever a good idea?  We at Paws Dogs Daycare would like to share some things to think about before making that decision. Who is it for?Are you considering a pet for your own family, or someone else?  A pet may be an okay decision … Read More

Bass Pro Shops: The Pet Friendly Destination Your Dog Wants You to Know

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Bad Weather Pet Friendly Destination: 10 Reasons Why Bass Pro Shops Is Best For Your DogBass Pro Shops is a pet friendly North American retail giant. It is a major shopping destination due to its excellent selection of outdoor focus products.Bass Pro Shops takes decor and ambiance to the next level, making it more than just a retail store. As soon as you walk in, you’re greeted by a rustic, wilderness-themed setting complete with taxidermy displays, indoor waterfalls, and even large aquariums stocked with local fish.It’s like stepping into an outdoor paradise, a real treat for both you and your … Read More

April Grooming Specials – Double Coated Breeds

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When a Husky, Malamute or any double coated dog blows it’s coat, you will know three things are true: 1. You will see fur on EVERYTHING 2. The odds your vacuum will surrender into a quiet death will increase dramatically 3. IT’S TIME TO GROOMED Twice a year huskies and their double coated compadres blow their undercoats completely. It is a very intense shedding process lasting three weeks or more.  The good news is that this happens twice a year only, the bad news is that the shedding process is messy with clumps of hair coming out of their coat.  Regular grooming, not just undercoat … Read More