Dog Friendly Golf Courses Around Calgary

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dog friendly golf
dog friendly golf
Dog Friendly Golf Courses Around Calgary 3

Best Dog Friendly Golf Courses

Do you love golf but feel guilty about leaving your dog at home? For dog owners in the Calgary area, there’s good news! Several golf courses welcome your furry friends, allowing you to enjoy a round of golf without the guilt. Here are some top dog friendly golf courses where you can bring your best friend along for a day on the green.

How To Play A Round Of Golf With Your Dog

Dog Etiquette on the Dog Friendly Golf Courses

To ensure a pleasant experience for all golfers, it is important to adhere to the following guidelines, which apply to most dog-friendly golf courses:

  • Dogs must be under adequate control of the owner at all times (on a leash, being held, or in the cart).
  • Dogs should be healthy and up to date on vaccinations.
  • Dogs must be properly socialized, docile, and trained to show obedience.
  • Dogs need to wait quietly and patiently, not reacting to noises or golf activities, and must not chase balls, machinery, carts, animals, or other golfers.

Owners are responsible for:

  • The behavior and safety of their dog.
  • Ensuring their dog does not run free and cleaning up after their dog.
  • Preventing any possible damage, such as digging, chewing, or injury to other users of the course and its facilities.

Dogs are generally not permitted on practice areas, greens, sand bunkers, or inside the restaurants. Under no circumstance may a dog urinate on any putting green.

Dog friendly golf courses reserve the right to request proof of health records and test the obedience of dogs. If a dog is not under adequate control, in restricted areas, disrupting other golfers, or causing damage or injury, Dog friendly golf course staff reserve the right to remove the owner and the dog from the course.

Springbank Links Golf Club


Location: Calgary, AB

Course Type: 18 holes

Dog-Friendly Hours: Sundays after 3 PM

Springbank Links Golf Club is a fantastic option for those looking to enjoy a round of golf with their dogs. Although dogs are only allowed on Sundays after 3 PM, this course offers beautiful scenery and a welcoming atmosphere for both golfers and their canine companions.

Woodside Golf Course


Location: Airdrie, AB

Course Type: 18 holes

Dog-Friendly Hours: Sundays after 4 PM

Just a short drive from Calgary, Woodside Golf Course in Airdrie provides another excellent venue for dog-friendly golf. Dogs are welcome on Sundays after 4 PM, making it a perfect spot for an evening round. The course is known for its well-maintained greens and friendly staff.

Cochrane Golf Club


Location: Cochrane, AB

Course Type: 9 holes

Dog-Friendly Policy: Extra $5 green fee, donated to Cochrane Humane Society

Cochrane Golf Club stands out as a community-focused course. It offers 9 holes of golf and allows dogs on the course for an additional $5 green fee, which is donated to the Cochrane Humane Society. It’s a wonderful way to enjoy golf while supporting a great cause.

Riverview Golf Course


Location: Redcliff, AB

Course Type: 18 holes

Dog-Friendly Policy: Sundays after 4pm.

Riverview Golf Course in Redcliff is an ideal choice if you want something a bit further away from the city. With its stunning natural surroundings, it’s a great place to spend quality time with your dog.

Editor Note: We initially had Redwood Golf Course in Langley, BC listed and mixed up with Redwood Meadows in Bragg Creek. Redwood Meadows is NOT dog friendly.

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