About Us

Welcome to the PAWS family! Our dedicated team is a diverse group of pet care professionals, committed to providing exceptional service for you and your four-legged friends.

We all share a common vision: to create a nurturing, inclusive environment built on love and respect. Whether it's basic obedience or more complex behavioral issues, our collective expertise ensures that every pet receives individualized care. Come meet us and see why PAWS is more than just a daycare—it's a community.

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General Manager


Originally a cat lover, Bridget came to the bark side in May of 2018 when she started part time with Paws Dog Daycare. Since then she has become a vital part of the team. Teamwork makes the dream work! In a short period of time, she quickly became a confident dog handler, displaying compassion and patience with all of the client dogs who come through the door.

Growing up, her mother always had dogs but Bridget was still looking for her own perfect companion. One year after starting at Paws, she finally found the most perfect little rescue pup from AARCS to be her new furever buddy. Bentley was born February 2019 and the two of them have been inseparable ever since!

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Ever since I can remember, I have had a deep appreciation and love for dogs. I’m also not just talking about love in a “this is my pet and I love it” kind of way, but an all consuming, dedicate my life kind of love to these animals.

In 2016, I worked with a hunting dog trainer, who made me realize that training was what I wanted to do with dogs. I just love the idea of learning more about dog psychology and how their brains work.
In 2017, I graduated from the school for Veterinary Assistant at St. Lawrence College in Ontario which helped get my foot in the door at PAWS!

Paws has changed my life in so many PAWsitive ways! Whether it be the staff, whom I’ve grown to think of as family, the clients, that I’ve become friends with, and of course the dogs, because let’s be real, that’s the main reason why any of us are here!

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Pack Leader


My wish when I was a child was having my own dog. I’m lucky that i have a chance to achieve this desire in five years ago and having my first dog. Nowadays, I have already got five dogs at my home in Hong Kong. I’m grateful that PAWS provided me an opportunity for working here to let me know more about the dogs.

Although I’m an introverted person and sometimes I’m not good at communicating with others in English, everyone from PAWS are so nice and patience to me. I’m so glad to work and become part of PAWS.

I hope I can learn more professional skills and dogs behaviour and how to manage them in the near future so that I can provide a better training and environment for my dogs.

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Pack Leader


Hi! Paws was introduced to me back in 2016! At that time I was working as a hairstylist in the same building as paws, but really wanted to work with animals. Luckily, my boss at the salon knew Eric and introduced us.

Already being a dog lover, discovering paws dog daycare was a whole new level of amazement and love for the canine species. I learned so much more than I ever thought I knew I could about reading dogs behavioral ques! My confidence around dogs have improved significantly while being here.

After working full time for a couple years, I took off to be a full time hairstylist. A year and a bit later I decided to adopt my own puppy, Mortimer, and of course I had to turn to the PAWS team for all their knowledge and support ❤️ Realizing how much I love the daycare, I had to come back! However, you'll only see me a few mornings and happily walking the doggos, or in the salon 😉

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Pack Leader


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Pack Leader


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Pack Leader


My entire life, I've had dogs, and I've always been passionate about them. Each dog I've had has taught me something. My first dog helped me learn to walk; I would lean on his back to stand up, and he stayed by my side to ensure I didn't fall. He was my first best friend. As I grew up and could walk my dogs on my own, they helped me overcome my shyness and engage more with people.

The love I have for dogs and other animals led me to pursue a bachelor’s and master's degree in the field of Animal Science.

Even after completing my master’s degree in July 2023, my interest in learning about dog behavior, well-being, and training techniques persisted. Having the opportunity to join the PAWS team allowed me to gain even more knowledge about how to effectively communicate, socialize, and train a dogs.

Working with all the members of the PAWS team makes this learning experience even more incredible.

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Pack Leader


Calgary Dog Groomer



Michelle has over 37 years of grooming experience. She first got her paws wet by working at her parents' kennel when she was young. Her Saturday chore was to groom the poodles before she could go out and play. Her first job was at Mrs Beasley's Puppy Parlor when she was 16. She's also worked at The House of Dogs and Touch of Class.

In 1981, she landed her dream job at the 9th Ave Animal Clinic and she's been there ever since. At the Animal Clinic, she has learned all aspects of animal health and can easily recognize any health issues and can spot flea, lice and tick a mile away.

Eric Yeung



Eric, a self-taught canine expert, has been bridging the gap between dogs and their humans since 2008. He empowers pet owners by providing them with the knowledge and tools to cultivate deep, meaningful relationships with their furry companions.

Drawing inspiration from industry leaders like Cesar Millan and Ian Dunbar, Eric is devoted to continuous learning and honing his skills. His expertise spans from teaching fundamental obedience to rehabilitating dogs with fear-induced aggression. Guided by a vision to foster a community built on mutual respect and love, Eric is committed to enhancing the lives of both two-legged and four-legged individuals.