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Calgary Dog Daycare Rates

Whether you need your dog exercised or socialized, PAWS Dog Daycare is here to help. Book online, and let our pack leaders handle the rest.

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2024 Dog Daycare Rates


Intro Day

Trial day

No Commitment

Full Day Experience

plus GST

Single Day

Kennel Free Environment

Daily Pack Walks

Outdoor Potty Breaks

Themed Photos

plus GST

Spa & Play

Everything in Single Day

Plus cost of grooming

Not available on Intro Day

2024 Doggie Daycare Packages

5 Visits

plus GST

$55.80 per day

Never Expires

Refundable 50% of Unused Value

100% Transferrable


10 Visits

plus GST

$52.90 per day

Never Expires

Refundable 50% of Unused Value

100% Transferrable


20 Visits

plus GST

$45.95 per day

Never Expires

Refundable 50% of Unused Value

100% Transferrable


Calendar Month

plus GST

As low as $36 per day

No Reservations Required

Free Nail Trims

10% Off Retail & Grooming


Exercised and Socialized

Step into an atmosphere so serene, it rivals the quiet of a library.

Our skilled pack leaders specialize in 'Structured Socialization,' a unique approach to doggie daycare Calgary residents can rely on. On your dog's first day, we strictly supervise and monitor their interactions to ensure they are comfortable, happy, and safe, setting the stage for successful integration into our harmonious pack.

We believe a calm and stress-free environment isn't just a perk; it's the industry standard we strive for.

Dog Day Care Calgary

Kennel-free Environment

Dogs are inherently social creatures, which is why our kennel-free facility focuses on fostering natural interactions. Here, dogs can freely play, snuggle, and bond with each other, far removed from the constraints of a cage.

We know that the first day at a new dog daycare Calgary can be a big step for both you and your pet. That's why our seasoned pack leaders specialize in canine meet-and-greets, ensuring your dog enjoys a smooth and positive introduction to our community.

Dog Day Care Calgary

Daily Pack Walks

We believe that the daily walk is the most essential activity for a happy and healthy dog. That's why we use the pack walk as a way to exercise both the body and mind.

Physical exercise comes from the act of walking itself, but mental stimulation comes from each dog following the direction of the pack leader and the pack.

Every dog in our daycare will get about 45 minutes to 1 hour of on-leash walking per day. No extra charges!

Dog Walking Calgary

Outdoor Potty Breaks

We go above and beyond to offer an exceptional daycare experience, and that includes scheduled potty breaks three times a day. Unlike other facilities, we prioritize both cleanliness and the continuity of your dog's house training.

Just as we wouldn't enjoy a day without restroom breaks, we don't expect your dog to either. Our scheduled potty breaks ensure that your hard work in house training is reinforced, not undone.

Kennel-Free Facility

Are you ready to join PAWS Dog Daycare Calgary?

At PAWS, we're more than just a dog daycare. We're dedicated to keeping your dog active and well-socialized.

In our kennel-free facility, dogs enjoy the freedom to play and interact, along with ample space for rest and relaxation. Our daily pack walks offer structured exercise and exposure to urban surroundings, aiding in their overall adaptability and fitness. Regular outdoor potty breaks support your dog's house training and maintain a clean environment.

Discover the PAWS difference for your pet. Visit us today and see how we can help your dog thrive!

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  • Dog cannot pose a safety risk
  • Reservations are required
  • No-shows are subject to our cancellation fee
  • Drop off time ends at 10:00 am
  • Puppies older than 12 months must be spayed or neutered
  • Vaccinations must be up to date
  • Ensure all belonging are labelled
  • Spa & Play is not available for a-la carte services.
  • No refunds or transfers on Calendar month passes
  • Pick ups after 7:00 pm are subject to a late fee of $25 every 15 minutes
  • Prices effective January 1, 2024
  • Prices may change without notice
  • We reserve the right to refuse any dog for any reason


  • 1st dog - Regular Price
  • 2nd or more dogs - 50% off regular price
  • Discount only applies to passes of equal or lesser value than the first one
  • Multi Dog Discount not applicable to Spa & Plays
  • Discounts not applicable for dogs with behavioral/medical issues that require extra attention

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is doggie daycare in Calgary?

A day of dog daycare at PAWS Dog Daycare Calgary is $58 + GST per day. Your first day is FREE. Your dog will receive a kennel free environment, daily pack walks and outdoor potty breaks. Through packaged savings, dog daycare costs as low as $37 per day.

Do dogs go to daycare?

Yes, many people send their pets to "doggie daycare" for exercise and socialization. Some have high-energy dogs that require more activity. Others use it to help their dogs socialize. Additionally, it can offer a safe environment when owners are away, and can be a solution for dogs with separation anxiety.

What age is best for dog daycare?

Starting dog daycare is best when your puppy is around 14-18 weeks old, after their 2nd round of shots. Always check with your vet about the bordetella (canine cough) vaccine. Early socialization is key for your puppy's growth. In Calgary, with its high vaccination rate, it's rare for dogs at our daycare to get serious illnesses, as we mandate up-to-date vaccinations for all guests.

What is the meaning of doggie daycare?

"Doggie daycare" refers to a service where dogs are dropped off for the day to play and interact with other dogs in a supervised environment. It's similar to childcare for children. Here at PAWS Dog Daycare Calgary, we make sure your dog is exercised and socialized so you can focus on what matters to you.

What are the disadvantages of doggy daycare?

While doggie daycare has many advantages for pets and their owners, there are some disadvantages to consider:

  • Potential for injuries: In any play group setting, there's a risk of dogs getting injured, even with supervision
  • Illness spread: dogs in close proximity can easily spread germs to each other. Puppies without at least it's second set of shots, or immunocompromised dogs are not typically recommended for dog daycare.
  • Overstimulation: Some dogs might find the environment too hectic, leading to stress. However, with our test "structured socialization method, we've had great success of providing a calm, stable environment that even the most shy dogs can thrive in.
  • Cost: Regularly using doggie daycare can add up over time.

Is it OK for my dog to go to daycare everyday?

Your dog can attend dog daycare daily, but most dogs are fine with 2-3 times a week. Puppies and older dogs might require more rest. If your dog suffers from separation anxiety or is dealing with some behavioral or health concerns making it unsafe for them to be alone, then dog daycare is essential.

Why do dogs like doggy daycare?

Dogs like doggy daycare because they are social animals. They get to meet up with their friends and fill their social cup. Doggy daycare also provide them with routine, physical and mental stimulation. Also, dogs love the interaction they get with our caring and affectionate staff.

What age do dogs stop liking daycare?

Dogs don't have a specific age when they stop liking doggy daycare. It varies by individual. However, as some dogs age, their energy levels and tolerance for play might decrease. Senior dogs might prefer quieter environments. It's essential to observe your dog's behavior and consult with our doggy daycare staff to ensure it remains a good fit.

How long can a dog be left alone?

Young puppies under 6 months should not be left alone for more than 2-3 hours. Adult dogs generally do okay being left alone for 6-8 hours. Some dogs may be adapted to be alone for 8-10 hours provided they have their physical and mental needs met prior.