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We keep your dog exercised and socialized so you have one less thing to worry about.

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PAWS Dog Daycare is Calgary's Most Respected Dog Daycare. We keep your dog exercised and socialized so you have one less thing to worry about.

Nestled in the heart of Calgary, our dog daycare in downtown Calgary is renowned for its professional staff, modern facilities, and commitment to ensuring every dog's well-being and happiness.

Whether you're in Calgary's downtown or in the nearby neighborhoods, trust Calgary's top dog daycare to provide unmatched service for your furry friend.

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Dogs' lives are short. Being alone is not what they deserve.
Dogs’ lives are indeed too short for loneliness. They deserve days filled with joy, companionship, and adventure, not hours of waiting for their favorite human to return. A dog’s well-being hinges on regular activity, social interactions, and meticulous care. Without these essentials, our furry friends may become restless, unhappy, or even develop undesirable behaviors.
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For busy dog owners, finding a balance between professional commitments and ensuring their pet’s happiness can be challenging. You need the confidence that while you’re tackling daily responsibilities, your dog is not just safe, but also enjoying their day, filled with activities and the company of others.

Imagine the peace of mind knowing your dog is experiencing the best day, every day, even when you’re not there. This is not just about safety; it’s about ensuring your dog’s life is as enriching and joyful as the moments you share together.

Our services are designed for pet parents like you, who want nothing but the best for their dogs. Whether it's our pet sitting service that offers a stress-free alternative to traditional kenneling or our esteemed dog daycare, we ensure your dog's days are lively and full of love. Our professional PAWS Pros are trained in dog management and are dedicated to maintaining a clean, orderly, and joyful environment for your pet.

Don’t let your busy life compromise the quality of your dog’s life. Let us provide the care, love, and attention your dog deserves. Join the Paws Dog Daycare Calgary family today and ensure your dog’s days are as happy as they make yours.

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What can PAWS Dog Daycare Calgary do for your dog?


Physical exercise comes from the act of walking itself, but mental stimulation comes from each dog following the direction of the pack leader and the pack.


Dogs are inherently social creatures, which is why our kennel-free facility focuses on fostering natural interactions. Here, dogs can freely play, snuggle, and bond with each other, far removed from the constraints of a cage.


We go above and beyond to offer an exceptional dog daycare experience, and that includes scheduled potty breaks three times a day. Unlike other facilities, we prioritize both cleanliness and the continuity of your dog's house training.

PAWSome Benefits

Discover the array of amenities that make every dog's day special and every owner's decision easy

First Day Free

Experience our services firsthand with a complimentary, no-obligation trial day. We're confident both you and your furry friend will be delighted

Exclusive Introductions

We prioritize quality over quantity. Welcoming only one new dog per day ensures individualized care and attention, making their first-day experience less intimidating and fostering a seamless integration into our pack.

Picture-Perfect Welcome

Begin your dog's journey with us in style. Each new pack member receives a professional welcome photo and a detailed report card, capturing their first moments and initial achievements with our pack.

Daily Pack Walks

Every day, our pack embarks on a 45-minute adventure walk. It's not just a routine—it's a commitment to their health and happiness, all included in our standard care package, with no additional costs.

Kennel-Free Environment

Unlock endless socializing opportunities for your furry friend in our kennel-free environment. We believe in natural interactions, letting dogs roam, play, and bond throughout the day without barriers.

Outdoor Potty Breaks

Prioritizing your dog's comfort and well-being, we provide outdoor potty breaks three times a day, ensuring they can relieve themselves in a natural setting.

Monthly Themed Photoshoots

Every month, our daycare dogs shine in themed, professional photoshoots. A special memory-making moment that's exclusive to our community—you won't find this unique treat anywhere else.

Why Pet Parents Love PAWS Dog Daycare Calgary

Real Stories, Happy Tails: Hear What Our PAWrents Have to Say

"By far the best dog care service around! The pack walks and socialization in a professional structured environment were a game changer when we started taking our 6 month old pup here. One of the most valuable things we were able to give our pup."

Kelsey & Charlie

"Great environment- dogs are so happy and relaxed. I trust the staff to know the dogs' behaviour and keep my dog safe. My dog always comes home tired from a day of socialization and play. Also, the photo shoots are hilarious!"

Kay & Hugo

"PAWS was recommended to us by a friend and we couldn’t be happier with their level of service. The pack walks, the staff, the photos, EVERYTHING they do demonstrates their commitment to a loving and inclusive environment for both furry and human friends."

Deborah & George

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are your operating hours?

We are open Monday to Friday 7:00am to 7:00pm. We are closed on the weekends, all statutory holidays and between Christmas and New Years.

How do I enroll/register my dog for PAWS Dog Daycare Calgary?

To register your dog, simply visit this link. However, we strongly recommend reviewing our intake processes and procedures beforehand to ensure a smooth and comfortable transition for your furry friend. Our dedicated approach ensures each dog has a positive introduction to our daycare environment.

Is there a waitlist to start PAWS Dog Daycare Calgary?

Due to our commitment to provide individualized attention and ensure the best experience for each dog, we may sometimes have a waitlist. We recommend reaching out to us directly to inquire about current availability and potential start dates. Our priority is always to ensure a comfortable and beneficial environment for every pup.

What are your dog daycare rates, and are there any discounts?

Our rates are structured to offer the best value while ensuring top-notch care for your dog. We have various dog daycare package options based on frequency and duration of visits.Your dog's first day is FREE.

We also offer package deals for frequent visitors and occasional promotional discounts. Detailed pricing can be found on our 'Info & Pricing' page.

Please note that if your dog has any behavioral issues, there may be an additional training fee on top of the standard daycare cost.

For any personalized inquiries, don't hesitate to contact us directly.

Do you require any vaccinations or health checks?

Yes, ensuring the health and safety of all dogs in our care is essential. Puppies must have at least their 2nd set of shots to join our daycare. While the Bordetella vaccine is strongly recommended for all dogs, Rabies vaccination is mandatory as per the Province of Alberta's regulations. It's crucial that your dog's vaccinations are kept current according to your veterinarian's recommended schedule.

If your dog has any health concerns, physical limitations, or medical conditions that might affect their participation in our pack walks, or any other activities, please inform us in advance. We prioritize the well-being of every furry member and want to ensure they receive the appropriate care and attention.

How is the initial introduction handled for new dogs?

Safety is our utmost priority. Recognizing the varied temperaments and behavioral challenges of dogs, we have a dog behavioral expert with over 15 years of experience. Their expertise ensures all dog interactions are supervised and conducted in the safest manner possible. Our introduction day is particularly designed with safety in mind.

To ensure each new dog receives undivided attention and care, we integrate only one new member a day. We understand that the first day in a new environment can be overwhelming, even for the most social dogs. If you have concerns regarding your dog's behavior, please call us directly at (403) 984-9247 to initiate a behavioral assessment.

How do you handle dogs of different sizes and temperaments?

At our Calgary dog daycare, we pride ourselves on our "Structured Socialization" approach. With the foundation set on our thoughtful intro day and our kennel-free environment, dogs of various sizes and temperaments are encouraged to socialize and interact freely.

An integral part of our routine is the daily pack walk. By walking together, dogs not only bond but any potential tension or animosity they might have towards each other is diffused. This communal activity reinforces camaraderie and ensures that only friends walk together.

Our dedicated team closely supervises all interactions, guaranteeing safety and fostering positive relationships, making our dog daycare in Calgary a harmonious haven for all canine guests.

Can I tour the facility before enrolling my dog?

The best time to come visit our dog daycare is midday between 12:00pm and 2:00pm.

We always welcome potential pet parents to get a firsthand look at our Calgary dog daycare facility. However, to ensure you get the best experience, it's essential to note our busiest times.

Mornings during drop-off and pick-up times in the evenings are particularly lively, with dogs excited to either see their friends or reunite with their owners.

During these periods, our attention is largely on ensuring a smooth transition for the dogs, especially as we prepare them for our signature pack walks.

While you're always welcome to drop by, coming between noon and 2pm would be optimal. This ensures we can dedicate time to answer all your questions and give you the attention you deserve.

How do you manage emergencies or medical situations?

In case of non-emergency medical concerns, we direct all inquiries to Downtown Animal Clinic, with whom we have a close working relationship. For emergencies, we rely on the Western Veterinary Specialist and Emergency Centre located on 10th Ave SW in Calgary.

Do you provide food, or should I pack a meal for my dog?

We do not provide food and if you would like us to feed your dog lunch, please bring their pre-portioned food in a container with their first and last name clearly labeled.

Is there a waitlist to start doggy daycare?

Our welcome policy ensures only one new dog per day. We do this to ensure you and your dog get the attention and care you both deserve. Due to this policy, the waitlist for start at PAWS Dog Daycare Calgary is typically about 1 - 2 weeks. To find out the soonest available date for your dog's first day, please call us directly at (403) 984-9247.

How do you handle additional support or specific instructions for individual dogs?

At PAWS Dog Daycare Calgary, we address dogs who need additional support and specific instructions on a case-by-case basis. It's vital for us to know any special requests or instructions you might have. Please be aware, even though rare, there may be additional charges.

For instance, due to one of our dogs having an owner's child with a severe peanut allergy, we ensure all staff on-site are aware and refrain from using peanut butter on days that dog is present.

Your pet's well-being is our priority, and we strive to accommodate all needs to the best of our ability.

What feedback will I receive about my dog's day?

Alongside the report card provided on the intro day at PAWS Dog Daycare Calgary, we prioritize consistent communication. If any concerns arise during your dog's time with us, we'll promptly update you. This includes offering recommendations related to potential training, adjustments in your dog's schedule, visit frequency, diet, and other pertinent factors.

Our goal is to ensure your pet's well-being and foster open dialogue with you as their loving owner.