Dogs in cars: The facts about being left alone.

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Dangers of leaving your dog in the car in the summer
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The temperature is getting warmer everyday and we all want to spend quality time in the sun with our pooches, but at what cost?

According to the Alberta SPCA, on a hot day, the inside of a vehicle can reach 51° c in as little as ten minutes. Considering this, one can see that cracking the window, or parking in the shade or providing water would do little to prevent or alleviate the symptoms of heat exhaustion, heat stroke or death.

Under the Animal Protection Act, leaving a dog in a hot vehicle causing it to become distressed is punishable by law. Charges that are applicable to leaving your canine companion in the vehicle in unfavorable weather are, but not limited to:

  • failure to provide suitable and adequate care
  • wilfully causing unnecessary pain and;
  • wilfully causing unnecessary suffering.

Dog’s have a limited ability to sweat, their normal body temperature is 39° c, the increase of body temperature to 41° c or higher for even a very short amount of time can result in heat stroke, irreparable brain damage and death. If you must leave your pooch in the car, be sure to have another person staying with them and if possible, leave the air conditioner on.

Summer Hot Dogs

As the caregivers and providers for our furry friends, it is our duty to ensure they are safe, comfortable and happy at all times. If it’s a warm day and you know you will be running errands that do not allow your pooch to accompany you indoors, it’s safer to leave them at home, or bring them to us at Pawsitively Natural Dog Daycare!

Please consider your dog’s safety and well being. If it’s too hot outside, don’t risk the health of your pal even for five minutes. Watch the news, look at the forcast, and listen to the radio for heat warnings! If you see a distressed dog in a vehicle, please call the RCMP or the local SPCA. Let’s work together to keep our pups safe and cool this summer!

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