The Ultimate Dog Gifting Guide

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A gift for someone who has everything?Our ultimate guide to dog giftingAre you searching for the perfect dog gifting guide? Look no further, because we’ve got the most paw-some tips that will leave your friends and family barking with joy! From the cutest dog accessories to the most drool-worthy treats, this list has it all…or does it?Hold on to your leashes, because this guide comes with a twist! We’re going to show you why a dog is a lifetime commitment, not just a fluffy surprise to be wrapped in a bow. Let’s explore the truth behind gifting a dog and … Read More

Crating your dog: jail time or sanctuary?

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crate training puppy

Many dog owners are under the impression that kenneling their dog is a form of punishment or keeps them stir crazy.  Not at all!  When introduced and utilized appropriately, a dog’s crate is their safe haven. Dogs are natural den animals; they prefer enclosed areas to nap and rest because this feels safe for them.  A crate is a wonderful place to offer your dog a “den”: a quiet sanctuary for them to escape the hustle and bustle of a busy household.  Kennel training is hugely helpful when training puppies and “new to the household” dogs as it plays a key factor … Read More