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How Many Dogs Are Right for Your Pack?

Dogs, especially puppies, are so darn adorable that it is easy to want to create a whole pack of them in your home. Us dog lovers know that our four-legged friends give us so much to be thankful for, so adding more canine companions must mean infinite more joy, right? Well, sometimes. Despite what people may tell you, you can have too much of a good thing. Today, Paws Dog Daycare will help you determine what the magic dog number is for your home.

Check the Law

The first thing to do is check to see what bylaws exist concerning pet ownership where you live. Airdrie, Alberta, for example, has a three dog maximum rule. You don’t want to be subjected to fines because you didn’t do your homework—so start there.

Evaluate Your Budget

Another factor that trumps desire is capacity. How many dogs can you reasonably afford? Consider the day-to-day things like food and doggy daycare, but also evaluate your budget for vacation care, annual checkups, and emergency vet visits. A new pet has to easily slide into your finances.

Evaluate Your Energy

What kind of breed(s) are you interested in? Are they high or low energy? How much exercise do they need? One under-exercised dog can cause enough damage. Take that and multiply it by however many dogs you own. It’s not a good idea to add more to your mix if you are barely keeping up with the ones you have.

Think About Training

Each dog will need to be trained separately. That means separate walks, separate training sessions, separate housebreaking trips. And each dog needs a strong bond to their human—a bond that is stronger than the one to the other pets in the house. This can only be achieved with intentional one-on-one time. For that reason, it’s strongly advised that you adopt dogs one by one, rather than bringing them home at the same time. That way, you can spend time with your new addition while relying on your previously formed relationship with the pooches in your home. Only add another dog once you feel confident and established with the ones you already have.

Measure Your Space

Three big dogs on an acreage makes sense. Those same dogs in a small apartment? Much trickier (if it’s even allowed!). Dogs have space needs, so make sure your home can accommodate another addition. If you’re already tripping over each other, it may not make sense to throw another canine in there.

Don’t Forget Logistics

The more dogs you have, the more you have to think about simple logistics. Will all your dogs fit into your vehicle? Do you have somewhere to put their crates or pens? Are you willing to clean up that much more poop? Get granular with it and really decide where your boundaries are.

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Test It Out

If you’re still not sure, consider becoming a foster dog parent. You can test drive adding another family member while also helping out your local rescue association! And who knows—you just might end up falling too in love to let them go to another family. It’s a great way to give back and get a trial run!

Of course, if you do decide to add to your family, Paws Dog Daycare is here to help with the training and daycare you’ll need! We walk tons of dogs at a time (check out our Pack Walks!), so we’re well-equipped to show you how to handle your own pack at home.

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