Disadvantages of Doggy Daycare – What you need to know

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downtown dog daycare Calgary
Disadvantages of Doggy Daycare - What you need to know 4

Choosing the right care environment for your dog is paramount to their happiness and well-being. While doggy daycare facilities offer a promising solution for pet owners needing support during busy workdays, it’s important to weigh the benefits against potential drawbacks. Let’s explore some of the common disadvantages of doggy daycare. There are factors are crucial considerations for any pet parent looking to make the best choice for their dog’s day-to-day care.

Common Doggy Daycare Disadvantages

Lack of Outdoor Potty Breaks

A significant drawback of downtown doggy daycare facilities is the absence of regular outdoor potty breaks. This can cause discomfort for dogs used to relieving themselves outside, leading to potential accidents within the facility. The situation can be particularly challenging for younger dogs or those in the process of being house trained, as it disrupts their routine and can hinder their progress.

Lack Sufficient Outdoor Space

Outdoor space is crucial for dogs to engage in natural behaviors like running, playing, and exploring. However, a common disadvantage of downtown doggy daycare centers is the limited or complete lack of outdoor areas. This restriction not only deprives dogs of essential physical exercise but also limits their opportunity for mental stimulation and social interaction in a more natural setting.

Chaotic, Stressful Environments That Can Overwhelm Dogs

Many doggy daycares operate in high-energy environments that, while stimulating, can become excessively noisy and chaotic. This constant barrage of stimulation can lead to stress and anxiety in dogs, particularly for those who are more sensitive or introverted by nature. The bustling atmosphere, while appealing to some, might not cater to the needs of all dogs, potentially leading to behavioral issues or heightened stress levels.

Reliance on Kennels and Dog Crates

Some doggy daycares use kennels extensively, either as a primary method of managing dogs or as a solution for handling challenging or aggressive behavior. This approach can significantly reduce the amount of time dogs spend interacting with their peers, limiting their socialization opportunities. Social interaction is a vital component of a dog’s mental health and well-being, and a lack of it can lead to social anxieties or behavioral problems.

Increased Risk of Illness and Injuries

A large number of dogs in close quarters can inadvertently become breeding grounds for the spread of illnesses and parasites. The risk of injuries also escalates with the increased possibility of conflicts between dogs, especially in facilities that might not have adequate staffing or expertise in managing dog behavior. The close contact inherent in many daycare settings necessitates vigilant health monitoring and management, which can be a challenge to maintain consistently.

PAWS Dog Daycare Calgary is Different

doggy daycare
Disadvantages of Doggy Daycare - What you need to know 5

Multiple Outdoor Potty Breaks Offered Daily

At PAWS Dog Daycare, we understand the importance of regular outdoor potty breaks for your dog’s comfort and well-being. That’s why we offer multiple scheduled potty breaks throughout the day, ensuring that every dog has ample opportunity to go outside. With three scheduled breaks plus an additional outing during our pack walk, we prioritize maintaining your dog’s house training routine and minimizing discomfort. This commitment not only contributes to a happier, healthier dog but also maintains the cleanliness and sanitation of our facility for everyone to enjoy.

Daily Pack Walks For Outdoor Exercise

We’ve turned our lack of outdoor space into a unique advantage for your dog’s outdoor exercise and training. Recognizing the challenge of not having a dedicated outdoor space, we offer daily pack walks that do more than just meet the need for physical activity. These walks are an opportunity for constructive exercise amidst the bustling city environment. Your dog will learn to navigate and calmly respond to urban distractions such as skateboards, people, bicycles, buses, garbage trucks, and construction noise. Each walk is a step towards enhancing your dog’s leash manners and social behavior, making them a more well-adjusted and confident companion. At PAWS, we believe in turning every challenge into an opportunity for growth and enrichment for your dog.

Experts in Pack Management

We know that first day of school can be intimidating for even the most social dogs. For this reason, our Intro Day designed to ensure that your dog begins their daycare experience in the most positive way possible. By limiting new admissions to just one dog per day, we guarantee that each newcomer receives ample care and attention from every member of our staff. This approach not only eases your dog into the new environment gently and effectively but also demonstrates our deep expertise in pack management. Our trained professionals are skilled in facilitating smooth introductions and integrating your dog into the group at their own pace, ensuring a seamless transition into the pack. This careful, attentive onboarding process highlights our commitment to each dog’s well-being and our capability to maintain a harmonious, stress-free environment for all.

Kennel Free Facility

Our doggy daycare takes pride in being a kennel-free facility, a distinction made possible by our unparalleled expertise in pack management. Our unique approach to welcoming new dogs, combined with our commitment to daily pack walks and regular outdoor potty breaks, cultivates a cohesive and harmonious environment where every dog, regardless of size or breed, can thrive. This method fosters a sense of community and belonging among our canine guests, allowing them to interact freely and safely throughout the day. By eliminating the need for kennels, we encourage natural socialization and play, ensuring that every dog receives the physical activity and mental stimulation they need. Our commitment to a kennel-free experience reflects our dedication to providing a setting that is as close to home as possible, where dogs can enjoy the freedom and comfort they deserve.

Illness and Injury Prevention

While we strive to provide a safe and healthy environment at PAWS Dog Daycare, the reality of any social setting, including ours, is that injuries and illnesses can never be entirely preventable. To mitigate these risks, we strongly encourage all pet parents to collaborate proactively with their veterinarians, ensuring their dogs are up to date on vaccinations and parasite treatments. True, close quarters contact in any doggie daycare setting increases the likelihood of your dog contracting an illness. However, at PAWS, our approach to minimizing these risks is multifaceted.

Our careful pack management reduces stress and aggression among dogs, significantly lowering the chance of injuries. Our staff’s dedication to understanding and managing the dynamics of the dog pack means that, even in the close quarters of our daycare, your dog is in a controlled, attentive setting. This approach not only enriches your dog’s social experience but also safeguards their health and well-being, making PAWS Dog Daycare a leader in minimizing the risks associated with doggie daycare environments.

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