Kip – March 2024 Dog Of The Month

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March 2024


Introducing our Dog of the Month! Each month, we feature a special pup with a unique story and lovable personality. Kip will enjoy 10% off everything in-store, including daycare passes, for the entire month! Join the celebration today.

Read about what the Kip's PAWrents, Anna & Evan, has to say!

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Can you tell us a bit about your dog and their personality?

Kip is such a sweet and gentle dog. He loves getting attention from everyone he meets - both human and other dogs!
Kip has a funny quirk of always taking any treat he receives to a soft area to eat on, like his dog bed or rug.

What do you and your dog enjoy most about our dog daycare?

We know Kip enjoys playing with his dog friends, he is always so eager to go to daycare in the morning. The staff are all great so we know that Kip is well taken care of and we love when they tell us what he got up to that day.

How has your dog benefited from attending our daycare?

We got Kip in the summer of 2020 so unfortunately he didn't get a lot of socialization in those first few months. We were introduced to Paws Dog Daycare in the fall and it was a great way to boost his confidence and social skills.
The pack walks definitely helped with leash training. We also absolutely love the creative photo shoots every month!

Is there a memorable experience or moment that stands out during your dog's time at our daycare?

Whenever we see Kip playing with other dogs on Instagram stories is a memorable moment for us. Just seeing him come out of his shell and looking so happy is just a joy to watch.

A big thank you to the Kip, Anna & Evan for being our Dog Of The Month stars!

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