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June 2024


Introducing our June 2024 Dog of the Month! Each month, we feature a special pup with a unique story and lovable personality. Hugo will enjoy 10% off everything in-store, including daycare passes, for the entire month! Join the celebration today.

Read about what the Hugo's PAWrent, Kay, has to say!

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Can you tell us a bit about your dog and their personality?

Hugo is a total velcro dog. He is basically glued to me whenever I'm around and has no sense of personal space.
Recently, Hugo has discovered how to move the dining room chairs back so he can climb onto the table. He knows he's not supposed to do that, but I know that he can because one time I left the room for a few minutes and when I came back, there were paw prints on the table in butter, a scone missing, and a very guilty-looking dog. But with his ridiculous-looking underbite, it's honestly impossible to be mad at him.

What do you and your dog enjoy most about our dog daycare?

Hugo loves going to daycare because he enjoys the attention from all the wonderful people who work there (especially Melissa haha) and likes playing with the other dogs too. He's very extroverted so the more going on the better!

How has your dog benefited from attending our daycare?

Whenever Hugo comes back from Daycare, he's always super calmer and pretty much naps the rest of the evening, which is really nice for me after having a busy day at work because I can also relax. He's also so used to being with a variety of dogs that I never have to worry about him interacting with a new dog we meet on a walk because I know he's going to be friendly. He never barks at other dogs either, even when they bark at him. I appreciate that, and I think it's in part because all the dogs at Daycare are so well behaved.

Is there a memorable experience or moment that stands out during your dog's time at our daycare?

I always find it impressive how there are so many dogs together and yet it's so quiet at the Daycare. I can tell that all the staff at Paws really know what they are doing to keep the dogs socializing safely. This makes me feel confident leaving Hugo there because I know he's in great hands.

A big thank you to the Hugo & Kay for being our Dog Of The Month stars!

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