2024 Calgary Dog Daycare Price Comparison

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2024 Calgary Dog Daycare Price
2024 Calgary Dog Daycare Price

How Much Is Calgary Dog Daycare in 2024?

A single day of dog daycare at PAWS Dog Daycare Calgary in 2024 is $58 + GST per day.

Our Intro Day offers a complimentary, no-obligation trial day. To ensure a comfortable and less intimidating first-day experience, we admit only one new dog per day. This approach allows us to provide individualized attention and care, facilitating a seamless integration into our pack. This tailored entry is part of our commitment to making every dog’s start as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Additional dog daycare discounts are offered through multi-visit packages and grooming specials as low as $36 per day.

In Calgary, the average cost for a day at the city's top dog daycares is around $48. However, when choosing a daycare, it's vital to prioritize your dog's safety and well-being over cost alone. At PAWS Dog Daycare Calgary, we've taken the time to thoroughly research and compare the offerings of the top 10 daycares across the city. This ensures that we not only meet but exceed the standards of care and safety you expect, providing exceptional value and peace of mind.

Top 10 Calgary Dog Daycare Prices

Doggie Daycare

Cost Per Day

Pack Walks

Kennel-Free Facility

Outdoor Potty Breaks

Monthly Photos

Dogtopia Downtown




Clever Canines


Central Bark




Marda Loop Doggie Daycare


The Balanced Bark


Pawsitively Pooched


Back In The Pack


Last Updated: Apr 2024. For corrections and updates, please email [email protected]


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Calgary Dog Daycare Package Costs

Doggie Daycare

Most Expensive Package

Price per Day

Dogtopia Downtown

$159 / 5 Days Per Week



$1147.50 / 30 Visits


Clever Canines

$1047.50 / 24 Visits


Central Bark

$840 / 20 Visits



$1640 / 40 Visits


Marda Loop Doggie Daycare

$570 / 15 Visits


The Balanced Bark

$726 / 20 Visits


Pawsitively Pooched

$585 / 20 Visits


Back In The Pack

$660 / 20 Visits


Last Updated: Apr 2024. For corrections and updates, please email [email protected]

Average Cost of Dog Daycare in Calgary

In Calgary, the going rate for doggie daycare services averages about $48 per day, which generally includes comprehensive care to ensure your dog's well-being. Standard offerings at most daycares encompass supervised playtime, ample opportunities for socialization, consistent feeding, and continuous water access. Additional amenities like basic training, designated nap times, and special treats may also be available, though costs can vary depending on the range of services provided by each facility.

Unlike other daycares that may charge extra for essential additions such as walks, meals, and photo sessions, PAWS Dog Daycare Calgary includes these at no additional cost. Our kennel-free environment promotes full-day socialization and includes structured, constructive exercise through daily pack walks. We maintain a clean and sanitary facility by ensuring regular multiple outdoor potty breaks, all designed to enhance your dog's daycare experience without hidden fees or extra charges.

Seasonal Rate Fluctuations

In Calgary, unlike boarding facilities or long-term care options, dog daycare costs tend to remain consistent throughout the year. This stable pricing ensures that no matter the season, you can anticipate paying the same rate for your dog’s daycare. Such predictability proves advantageous for pet owners, facilitating smoother budgeting and financial planning.

However, it's important to note that while the base rates typically stay the same, there may be occasional special offers or promotions that could reduce costs temporarily. Keeping an eye on these opportunities can provide additional savings, enhancing the overall value of the daycare experience for your pet.

Discounts and Packages

In Calgary, many dog daycare facilities offer a reduced price for your dog's initial visit. This introductory rate helps your pet acclimate to the new environment and allows the staff to assess their specific needs. However, not all facilities provide this benefit, so it's advisable to inquire directly.

Additionally, numerous daycares offer discounts on multi-visit packages, which provide flexibility and convenience, allowing you to use the visits as needed over time.

While finding savings is beneficial, the most crucial factor in choosing a doggie daycare should always be the quality of care and the well-being of your dog. Ensuring that your pet is in a safe, nurturing, and professionally managed environment should take precedence over cost considerations.

Tips for Saving Money

While first-day offers and multi-visit package discounts are common, further reductions in fees are not as commonly available at many dog daycares in Calgary. However, certain facilities offer a multi-dog family discount, providing considerable financial relief for owners of multiple dogs. This discount usually reduces the per-dog cost when more than one dog from the same family is enrolled, making it more affordable to ensure that all your canine companions receive the needed care and socialization.

Additionally, some daycares implement loyalty programs or offer referral discounts. Loyalty programs typically reward regular patrons with discounts or even free daycare days after a set number of visits, encouraging consistent use of their services. Referral discounts, on the other hand, are granted when an existing customer successfully introduces a new client to the daycare. Exploring these opportunities and asking about such potential savings can significantly enhance the value you receive while choosing the right daycare option for your dogs.

Hidden Costs to Consider

While the upfront cost of dog daycare is an important consideration, it's also vital to be aware of hidden fees that can add up. These might include:

Lunch Feeding Fees

Some doggie daycare centers might charge an extra fee for feeding your dog during the day. This could be a daily cost or a per-meal charge.

Medication Fees

If your dog's day requires medication during their stay at the doggie daycare, there may be an additional fee for this service. The cost can vary depending on the type of medication and the frequency of administration.

Photo Fees

Some doggie daycare centers offer photo updates of your dog throughout the day or month. While this can be a great way to see what your pup is up to, these photo services often come with an additional charge.

It's always a good idea to ask about any potential hidden costs when researching and selecting a doggie daycare center.


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Canine Vaccinations Requirements To Attend Dog Daycare

In Calgary, all dog daycares require that dogs are current with their vaccinations. Before your pet can attend any dog daycare facility, you must provide proof of up-to-date vaccinations from a licensed veterinarian. Essential vaccinations include Rabies, Bordetella (often referred to as kennel cough), and a combination vaccine that covers Distemper, Parvovirus, Hepatitis, Leptospirosis, and Parainfluenza. Ensuring your dog is vaccinated not only complies with local regulations but also protects the health and well-being of your pet and all the other dogs at the daycare.

Calgary Dog Walking

Are dog walks important?

Dog walking is important because it is essentially to their physical and mental health. The significance of dog walking can be likened to the importance of thinking for humans. Here are the reasons why dog walks are indispensable for our furry friends:

  1. Core to their Being: Just as thinking is essential to human existence, walking is inherent to a dog's nature. Not allowing them to walk is essentially stifling their nature.

  2. Independence and Liberty: Humans cherish the capability to think and make decisions independently. Similarly, dogs should be given the freedom to explore, make decisions, and gain their own experiences during dog walks. This is a way of acknowledging their independence.

  3. Knowledge and Environmental Sensitivity: Dogs get to learn about their environment during dog walks, including meeting people, other animals, and understanding potential threats like vehicles. This is a crucial learning experience that aids them in safely navigating their environment.

  4. Boosting Self-Esteem: Progressing forward during dog walks enables dogs to build confidence and self-worth. On the other hand, dogs that are insecure or scared tend to move backward. Dog walking enables them to confront the world with confidence.

  5. Physical and Mental Well-being: Just as humans need physical exercise to remain healthy, dogs need regular walks to use their energy positively. This helps avert behavioral issues that can result from accumulated energy.

  6. Instincts for Survival: Dogs are naturally programmed to walk and explore their surroundings in search of food and water. Dog walking satisfies their innate survival instincts.

Dog walks extend beyond just allowing dogs to relieve themselves; they are a fundamental aspect of a dog's life. They offer enrichment, education, exercise, and a chance for dogs to be themselves. Walking our dogs is a testament to our dedication and affection for them, as it enables us to respect their true nature as animals.

Why are pack walks are good for dogs?

Pack walks play a pivotal role in a dog's life, fostering trust and reducing conflicts within the group. As inherently social creatures, dogs thrive in pack environments. These walks are not merely for physical exercise; they also play a crucial role in the social dynamics among dogs. Walking together promotes unity and mutual respect, essential components of a harmonious pack.

The success of a pack walk greatly depends on the handler's expertise. A skilled handler possesses a deep understanding of canine behavior and can effectively manage the group, ensuring safety and control even amidst distractions.

At PAWS Dog Daycare Calgary, we integrate a 45-minute pack walk into our daily schedule. This structured activity allows dogs to channel their energy positively, significantly enhancing their overall behavior and social skills. This is just one of the ways we ensure a fulfilling and enriching experience for the dogs in our care.

Dog walks vs outdoor dog areas: Which is Better & Why?

A well-structured dog walk often provides a more beneficial experience than the chaotic nature of off-leash parks and outdoor dog runs.

While off-leash areas, whether natural landscapes or fenced runs, may seem ideal, they can unfortunately lead to negative interactions among dogs, potentially fostering aggression or defensive behaviors. The unbridled freedom afforded in these spaces can sometimes result in chaos, as these environments lack the necessary structure and oversight to ensure positive dog-to-dog interactions.

In contrast, structured group walks led by knowledgeable and skilled handlers versed in canine behavior offer controlled and beneficial socialization opportunities. During these walks, dogs learn to form bonds within a peaceful and harmonious setting, reinforcing their training while engaging both cognitively and physically. The discipline of these structured walks helps prevent behavioral issues and fosters a positive environment.

The right kind of socialization gained from these walks can significantly impact how dog owners connect with their pets. At PAWS Dog Daycare Calgary, a day is not complete without a pack walk, ensuring every dog benefits from this structured, enriching experience.

Why Are Regular Outdoor Potty Breaks at Dog Daycare Important?

Regular outdoor potty breaks at dog daycare are vital for maintaining your pet's health, comfort, and the cleanliness of the daycare environment.

Dogs require bathroom breaks with a frequency of at least once every hour per month of their age, with a minimum of every 8 hours for adult dogs. Insufficient potty breaks can lead to stress, anxiety, and health problems such as urinary tract infections.

Furthermore, consistent outdoor potty breaks contribute significantly to maintaining a hygienic environment within the daycare. This reduces the risk of disease transmission and ensures a healthier space for all dogs.

When selecting a daycare, make sure it provides regular outdoor potty breaks. This is a crucial reflection of their commitment to the wellbeing of your dog and the overall cleanliness of their facility. At PAWS Dog Daycare Calgary, we prioritize multiple outdoor potty breaks throughout the day to uphold these standards of care and cleanliness.

Calgary Dog Resting

Is My Dog Overstimulated at Dog Daycare?

The bustling atmosphere of dog daycare can, at times, lead to overstimulation for some dogs, which means they may become overwhelmed by the intense activity around them. This can trigger an adrenaline rush, making it challenging to calm them down once they're home. Persistent high adrenaline levels can make settling at home particularly difficult.

It's important to recognize that without a knowledgeable and skilled staff who understand dog behavior and proper handling techniques, a dog daycare might inadvertently contribute to your dog becoming overtired and overstimulated. This state of constant arousal and exhaustion can negatively affect both their physical and mental health.

When evaluating a daycare, consider visiting the facility to observe how the dogs are behaving under their care. If you notice that the dogs seem excessively loud or persistently agitated, it might indicate that the environment is too stimulating. A well-run daycare should strike a healthy balance between play, rest, and socialization to maintain your dog's overall wellbeing. Observing these dynamics firsthand can give you a clearer insight into whether a daycare meets the needs of your dog, ensuring they are not just cared for but truly thriving.

Price Should Never Be The Only Factor When Choosing a Dog Daycare in Calgary

While budgeting for dog daycare in Calgary is essential, it's crucial to remember that opting for the least expensive option may not always serve the best interest of your pet. The focus should extend beyond the cost to encompass the quality of care, the environment, and the overall well-being of your dog.

Structured socialization plays a critical role in a dog’s development. A quality daycare provides an environment where your dog can interact safely and positively with other dogs and humans. This interaction not only enhances your dog’s social skills but also contributes significantly to their mental stimulation.

The physical well-being of your dog should also be a priority. Daycare facilities that incorporate exercise routines, outdoor play, and other physical activities promote a healthier, more vibrant life for your pet. Just like in humans, a sedentary lifestyle can lead to various health issues in dogs.

While financial considerations are important, they shouldn’t be the sole criterion when selecting a daycare for your dog. Prioritize facilities that adopt a holistic approach to care, focusing on both proper socialization and the overall physical and mental health of your pet. Ultimately, the investment in a happy, well-adjusted dog is invaluable.

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