What Are The Best Boarding Options For My Dog In Calgary?

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What Are The Best Boarding Options For My Dog In Calgary?

Calgary has great boarding options for dogs that caters to the diverse preferences of dog owners, whether you’re looking for an environment that feels like a second home or one that buzzes with social interactions for your pet. Key among these options are PAWS Pros, known for its intimate, home-like setting, and Sleep Rover and Muttley Crüe, which are celebrated for their lively, social atmospheres conducive to traditional kenneling. Each facility offers its own unique set of benefits, making the choice of boarding options in Calgary rich and varied.

The decision on which boarding option to choose hinges on understanding your dog’s needs and your own expectations for their care. For those prioritizing a cozy, personal touch, PAWS Pros offer a personalized and intimate second home experience, while Sleep Rover and Muttley Crüe are ideal for owners looking for a more conventional boarding experience with plenty of opportunities for their dogs to socialize and play. There are pros and cons of overnight boarding options. No matter your preference, Calgary’s boarding options provide safe, caring, and enjoyable environments for your dog, ensuring peace of mind for you and a delightful stay for your pet.

What does your dog need?

When it comes to selecting the best boarding option for your dog, several factors play a crucial role in ensuring their comfort, safety, and happiness. This is especially true for dogs with specific needs, such as seniors, those with behavioral concerns, or health issues. Understanding these needs will help you make an informed decision, ensuring your dog receives the care they deserve while you’re away.


Senior dogs may require more care and attention than their younger counterparts, and leaving them in a boarding facility can be stressful and overwhelming for them.

Behavioral Concerns

Your dog may not be accepted into boarding facilities due to various behavioural issues. Even if they are accepted, they may be isolated and not received the attention they need.

Medical Needs

Dogs dealing with health issues require close attention to their medical needs, dietary restrictions, and physical limitations. Consider boarding options that offer comprehensive care including medication administration, veterinary services and/or special accommodations for mobility issues are important.

Choosing the best boarding options for you and your dog

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Calgary’s best kennelling facilities

When it comes to finding the best dog boarding facilities in Calgary, Sleep Rover and Muttley Crüe stand out as the best boarding options for their exceptional facilities, professional staff and the glowing recommendations they receive from satisfied clients and industry experts alike.

Recommending Sleep Rover and Muttley Crüe comes from a place of trust and confidence, built on the numerous accolades from pet owners and the consistent high-quality care they deliver. Their facilities are not just spaces for boarding but are designed to enhance the well-being and happiness of every dog, with clean play areas, comfortable resting spots, and a variety of activities to suit every temperament. Whether your dog is outgoing and playful or prefers a quieter, more tailored experience, choosing between these top kennels in Calgary means ensuring your beloved pet is in capable and caring hands, making them the go-to options for discerning pet parents looking for the best in canine boarding and care.

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PAWS Pros: Your dog, our home

For pet parents seeking a more personalized and intimate boarding experience, PAWS Pros stand as a premier choice, perfectly encapsulating the essence of their service with the motto “Your dog, our home.” This approach to pet care prioritizes creating a nurturing environment that closely mirrors the warmth and comfort of a home setting, making it an ideal option for dogs that may not thrive in larger, more impersonal kennel settings.

Choosing a PAWS Pro means your boarding options where every detail, from sleeping arrangements to daily routines, is carefully considered to align with your dog’s usual lifestyle. This level of personalized attention ensures that dogs, especially those with specific needs such as seniors, those with health concerns, or behavioral issues, receive the care and comfort they need in your absence.

Each PAWS Pro makes it their mission to create a bond with each dog, offering not just physical care but also the emotional support and companionship that dogs crave. Pet parents can rest assured that their beloved furry family member will be treated with the same love and attention they receive at home, truly living up to the promise of “Your dog, our home.”

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