Bobbi – September 2023 Dog Of The Month

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Introducing our Dog of the Month! Each month, we feature a special pup with a unique story and lovable personality. Bobbi will enjoy 10% off everything in-store, including daycare passes, for the entire month! Join the celebration today.

Read about what the Bobbi's parents, Kate and Jay, have to say!

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Can you tell us a bit about your dog and their personality?

Everyone loves Bobbi - except maybe toddlers, whom Bobbi considers little human Pez dispensers. She follows them around, waiting until they inevitably have food in their hands or on their faces, then she helps clean them up whether they like it or not. Bobbi is a six year old golden doodle, still full of beans and with springs for legs. She can run like the wind, which she does whenever she escapes from our yard, so we keep her on a pretty short leash. She's just the sweetest dog with the gentlest demeanor...unless you're a dog with a toy she wants, then you'd better be quick!

What do you and your dog enjoy most about our dog daycare?

Bobbi has been coming to Paws Dog Daycare since she was a puppy - she's an OG as they say. After 5 1/2 years, Bobbi is still excited and pulls to get in to see everyone at the daycare every single time we drop her off. We love that she loves it there and that she gets to socialize with other dogs. We also love that she gets out into a very "real" urban environment for her walks, and has to behave on-leash. We see the obvious results of that training when we take her out for walks at home - as soon as she hears the "click" of the waist leash I have, she knows it's serious walk-time an that she needs to behave.

We also love Michelle (and team) and the grooming Bobbi gets at Paws - I've been stopped so many times asking where we get her groomed. Bobbi looks great, of course, but that consistency in grooming means Michelle and her team really know Bobbi, and know when things may have changed - like if she might have an ear infection, or if there are new lumps and bumps.


How has your dog benefited from attending our daycare?

Bobbi was a maniac when she was a puppy - Jay and I wondered if we'd made the right choice getting a dog at all! Paws was a sanity-saver in the early days. And even now, having tried out a chain daycare that was closer to our house a few years ago, we realize how important it is for Bobbi to be in the relatively calm environment Paws provides, with access to a daily walk and the outdoors. Bobbi comes back a little tired, but she's not stressed like she was elsewhere.

Is there a memorable experience or moment that stands out during your dog's time at our daycare?

Bobbi LOVES Eric. It can't be overstated. There are about 4 people on earth Bobbi loves as much as Eric (even Jay and I don't make that list!). Bobbi is a wiry 55 pounds or so, but when she sees Eric she becomes like the doggie-Hulk - there's no stopping her. She launches her way in front of him, with me dangling from the other end of the leash, and drops to ground in belly rub position. It's mildly embarrassing, tbh, but also super sweet.

A big thank you to the Bobbi, Kate & Jay for being our Dog Of The Month stars!

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