Why does my dog eat grass?

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weim eating grass

You’ve probably seen it before.  Once the grass comes up, many dogs like to perform their best cow impression by taking a chomp of some leafy greens.  It’s agreed upon by most experts that there’s no real harm in this behaviour, but have you ever wondered why dogs like to snack on grass?

weim eating grass

Sort out tummy troubles

Lots of dog owners will claim that their pup goes for grass when their stomach is upset, and they will vomit right after eating some.  Although this isn’t unheard of, it’s not actually as common as most people seem to believe.  It may be more so that your dog is hungry, not sick, and they are responding to their stomach’s rumbling.  The blades of grass may tickle the throat and the stomach and in turn cause your dog to vomit.

Nutritional value

Some dogs may go for the greens when they are lacking necessary nutrients in their current diet.  Unlike their cat counterparts, dogs are not carnivores, and they do require certain vitamins and minerals found in plant produce.  Although not definitively proved, several studies have found that after being switched to a higher fiber diet, these dogs no longer chow down on grass.


Just as your pup may chew on bones, shoes, bedding, clothing, and really anything they can put in their mouths, some dogs may eat grass because they’re bored.  Every dog requires daily exercise and stimulation, and without this activity they may dispense of their energy through behaviours (wanted or unwanted) like eating grass.

If you’d like to deter your pup from eating grass, try varying their diet; you may want to look for a high fiber food, or you can add fruits and vegetables to their regular food.  Remember to provide adequate stimulation (both physical and mental) to avoid boredom and pent-up energy.

Grass eating may seem like a strange habit, but fortunately it’s not usually harmful.  Keep an eye out for what grass your pooch munches on, and be wary of pesticides, herbicides, and any potentially harmful chemicals.  To avoid any of these adverse products, you can buy a small tray of grass or start a home garden to provide your dog with an indoor grass resource.

A little munching and snacking here and there is fine, but if you notice a sudden increase in grass eating in your dog, contact your veterinarian as it could be a sign of a more serious illness.

dog eating grass

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