Pictures are worth a thousand woofs

The best times with your dog don't last forever. That's why our top-notch pet photography captures these special moments for you to keep. We do more than just take quick pics; we create photo experiences that show the real emotions and connections between you and your dog.

In today's world, most photos get lost in the clutter of social media. But a professional photo stands out. It's not just a pic—it tells a story and becomes a memory you can keep forever.

Calgary Pet Photography © Doce Photography

Our Amazing Photographer

Hi there, I'm Vendredi (aka Friday), a seasoned documentary photojournalistic-style photographer hailing from the picturesque landscapes of Calgary, Alberta.

With over a decade of professional photography under my belt, I've honed the art of capturing unfiltered emotions and crafting images that stir up a beautiful blend of joy, nostalgia, and love.

Calgary Pet Photographer © Doce Photography

My lens tells stories that resonate. Whether it's preserving the enchantment of childhood, immortalizing the bonds that tie families together, or commemorating life's meaningful milestones, I'm your go-to photographer.

Being a mom of two girls, I'm intimately familiar with the fleeting nature of precious moments. This realization fuels my passion, I pour my heart into providing personalized attention to every cherished client.

Beyond the lens, I'm a self-confessed video game enthusiast, a devoted dog lover, and an avid explorer of culinary delights.

As a child, I had a beloved book that held my fascination: a massive 2000-page (It was really thick!) book entirely dedicated to dog breeds. I practically had a standing weekly date with it at my school library, and even now, I can still recite a good chunk of it from memory. Usually quite introverted, it's a whole different story when a dog crosses my path. Instantly, I transform into an extrovert, gushing over their irresistible cuteness.

Mini Sessions © Doce Photography
dog photography © Doce Photography
family photos © Doce Photography
Family Photography © Doce Photography
Calgary Dog Photographer © Doce Photography
Fall Family Photos © Doce Photography

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Quick, fun shoots to capture your pet's playful spirit.

Up to 15 minutes of photography

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Pet Essential

Comprehensive sessions for both pets and humans

Up to 30 minutes of photography

Calgary City Limits (incl. Big Hill Springs)

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